Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An Update in the life of another drummer

Hey all,
So it's been awhile. Do you like the new look? I thought i would change it up a little bit, though i might go back to the old style. I just thought i would give an update in whats going on in my insanly crazy life. School is going well. Trying to stay up on homework and such is pretty hard. I am doing quite a bit of music right now and can't seem to get away from it. I am playing at CSUN on monday and wed nights, i am also in a combo at CSUN that meets during the week. I am playing in chapel band, which is an amazing opportunity to serve and lead in a way. I am still at Crossroads, playing my heart out with the rest of the band. We are starting to prep for RESOLVED coming up in the months ahead, and hopefully we can move at getting some new equipment to bump it into the next level as a band. I have been spending a lot more time on my own material. I have been writing a lot and am starting to form a band. I have been busy rehearsing and rerehearsing my music so that it is exactly what i want it to be before i go into the studio. Lord-willing i will be meeting with John Martin soon to give an overview on what i would like to see happen and how he can help me. I'm hoping that i will be recording an EP soon to give out to people and start playing more gigs in this area. I have talked to a lot of people, but i still need a strong EP to hand them to have me play at the venue's. Be praying that the Lord makes all of that clear. I am slowly, but surely, getting my music out to people and hopefully taking the next steps to becoming an artist. God has been working in so many ways to teach me things down here. I am continually giving Him praise at all the things He allows me to do and experience. Here are some praises:
Praise God that Jody is out of the hospital and praise Him for the powerful testimony they have had on so many people
Praise God that my car is actually drivable, and He is continuing to bless me in that way
Praise God i have the means to start making music and connecting with people, through shows, to ultimately ask them the hard questions about life, love, and Jesus Christ through song.
Praise God that CSUN has worked out for another year. I pray that I am have a strong testimony in such a dark field.
Praise God that I am at the Masters College, and under the teaching of John MacArthur and Rick Holland. I feel so blessed.
Praise God that i can be a part of Resolved. Pray that God works out the details for His good pleasure.
Praise God that I am over a painful eye infection. I praise God that I am able to see .
Praise God that He continues to teach me about faithfulness and being above reproach. I am so thankful for all the special people He has brought into my life and i pray that I can show Christs love to them daily.
Praise God for Skid Row, and how i was able to go back and share my testimony with a heroin addict named Caroline. You can be praying that she does give her life to the Lord and that she could get off the streets.

Those are just a few of the amazing things He is teaching me. I hope this keeps a few of you updated into whats happening in my life! Anyways... take care..

Peace and love,