Monday, August 21, 2006


Friends and Families-
Hey... This is Dave. We have just launched the new, Resolved '07 website. You HAVE to at least have to check it out and watch the promo which should be up in a couple of weeks. The conference will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center. Please, I could not beg you enough, to see if you can be apart of this amazing event. I will see you there




Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back Home

Hey! Finally, i have returned to the home land. It's good to be back in the states. It seems so crazy that the whole entire summer has gone by though. That's a weird feeling. Another weird feeling is trying to jump back in to any sort of organized life after 3 weeks in one of the most amazing places on earth. I have felt cloudy the whole time i have been back home. I feel like there are 40 million things to do, and only 2 days to do all of them. But, i must admit, all is well. I really miss Scotland and the people there. I really think i will go back there and visit again. It was so beautiful. I never think i could live there, but i could definately visit. I hope i will return. So, as i jump back into the swing of things, i will hope to keep you posted (whoever enjoys reading this) about the next things happening in my crazy, chaotic life. But hey, who's life isn't?? Maybe some things to look forward to:
-my second audition with Tear the Sails
-a resolved album in the next month
-an audition with CSUN Jazz Ensemble in the next month
-a 3 to 4 song demo coming out in the next few months. (potentially with an updates website
-a Resolved Update, with a potential new promo in two weeks.

Anyways. Take care all of you, and i will hope to keep you informed about what's going on. Also, i will hopefully put up some pics and details about the Scotland trip soon! I have to get all the pics, so that will probably go on a blog soon.

Peace and love,


ps. crazy-gnarls barkley
pps. teitur has a new album. it's amazing.

Friday, August 11, 2006

the scotland update

So... where do i start? It all started two days ago.... We got tickets for a "scary underground tour." I guess some big shot magazine in the US said it was "one of the scariest places on earth!" yeah.....right. It was just a couple people from the group that went, but we shouldn't have gone, cause it was lame. Anyways, in the tour, we get to the place that was supposed to be the scariest place of the tour...the most HAUNTED place of the tour. It had a circle made out of rocks in the middle. It was the place with the highest ghost activity. Our tour guide (17 year old, theater student who over exagerated every word he thought would frighten us) asked us if anyone would be daring enough to stand in the middle.. well, you know me, and how scared i get with ghosts and all, raised my hand. There was about 20 people in the group that let out a big gasp, it was brilliant. So i proceeded to do the hokey pokey and turn myself about in the "God-forsaken pit of Satan!" So, our tour guide told me that i would have "terrible, horrifying things happen to me because i tempted the spirits that be." So, if i can make any connection, this is what has happened:

August 7th, 5:30pm- headache
August 8th, 10:00am-liquid bomb threats on British flights. (bunch of morons, wont let us check out bags...stupid liquid bombs!!!)
August 9th, 2:00am-pub catches on fire! a block from us. (you are definately laughing by this point) No one was injured. Except maybe the owner. ALL THIS BEER!!!! GONE!!!!! AHHHH!!
August 9th, 11:00am-not enough workers in the kitchen staff. I need to leave soon....

So, that seems to be my life. It is beautiful here. We walk down the street and the city is beautiful! I can't believe that when i look up i see blue skies, castles, monuments, and cathedrals. It's wonderful.. or "class" as they say. Things are going great at carrubbers. If you don't know, carrubbers is the coffee house/church that we serve at. It's a place where we invite people in from the outside, play music and give them the gospel. When someone from Scotland hears "free tea or coffee, they are in!" Yesterday we went on a "reformation tour." It was amazing to see how John Knox lived his whole life serving God and going against the Catholic church, and his grave stone turns out to be a tiny yellow square over the 23 parking spot in an open street! wow. But the Lord has been working at carrubbers. We have been talking to this girl that is coming off of heroin and it is pretty serious. She gave her life to the Lord two nights ago and has been coming off of heroin for these last couple of days. She has the most tender heart and she is so sweet. It's really hard to watch her try to talk and focus while her hands are shaking and she bursts into tears. But we are going to be there for her. We have given her a nice place to stay away from the drugs in her old, you can be praying that the Lord really helps her fight this temptation cause it's 15 times worse than anything we know. Her name is danielle and she really really really needs prayer. Her boyfriend is in jail and will come home soon, so we are trying to help her disappear from him, and run away so he can't find her. She has been selling so we have been cutting off all her buyers and dealers. God has really grabbed a hold of her heart as we watch her become more discerning and careful. So, be praying for her. It's been great to be packing out this place. More and more we see God's hand here as he is leading people in, despite what we do. It has been an amazing journey.

much love,