Wednesday, July 26, 2006

in the heat of battle

So... here we are again...another post..... after a long time..... who would of thought?...definately not me. So, I'm getting ready to go to Scotland, getting all the necessary things together.. which by the way.. let me just throw out a shout-out. Target is life-changing... evidence that there is a Father, looking down from heaven saying, "Saving money on quality items is fun, is it not!? And you know of all people, I would know that answer!" I would be in bed right now, sleeping, if i didn't already passed out from heat stroke, but i can't, i'm not there yet. I wish i was sleeping, but it's too hot. It's not like, "hey it's warm in this room," or even "boy it's like an oven in here!" I feel like i'm sitting in the waiting room to hell. All i can do is read old magazines about how to fix stupid cars that won't work and wait for my name to be called for the next root canal. I'm not upset though. I hope none of you (two) are getting the impression that i am. I have pretty much held my cool, (figuratively speaking, are you kidding me?!) but it is record-breakingly hot. I would turn the air-conditioning on in the home i'm staying in, but i would have sell both kidneys and i can't even reach that part of my back. Even if i could i would probably be antsy to pee one last time and eventually get distracted, so... i've already thought that one out... trust me...i've had the time. To keep myself from rambling on and on about the RELENTLESS heat of Sataniclarita, i will tell you more about the trip. So, thursday we leave from LAX, to fly to Chicago, from Chicago to Belfast. 4 days in Bells of the Fastest jets that take us to Edinburough. We stay in Edinburomammatan fo' 5 days to then fly to London for 3. The trip is basically going to be about us helping out 2 churches, 1 (evangelistic) coffee house, and the streets of Scotland! You can be praying that we will be effective in our gospel presentation and be willing to do anything to serve over there. Pray for our humility and love for everyone we come in contact with.. It should be fun to be in a new country. So, that's the long way of saying, life is crazy for these next two days, but once I'm on that plane to 65 degree-weathered Scotland, i will be great! Peace and love to all, peace and love. You can also check out a *band i am auditioning for.. Who knows?... but i find out in a couple of weeks.

Your occassional blogger,