Friday, May 12, 2006

The Gigs To Come

Hey friends,
So, a couple things have happened/are happening in my life. Let me go back awhile and cover some bases. We were sitting in chapel one day and i look behind me to see Bethany Dillon. She was having a concert at our school that night with Shane and Shane. I couldn't attend, i was pretty bummed, but i got to sit next to her in chapel and talk a little. That was cool. Let's see. Moving ahead now, I went to a switchfoot show in Santa Cruz (wow, i thought seattle was artsy). I don't really think you understand the signifigance of a show until you drive 6 hours to see it. That was an amazing show, especially because it was their last show on the tour so they left it on the stage. Awesome. Moving even more ahead, the year is over! School year i mean. I can't believe my freshman year has ended. I think it went by way to quick. I have learned many things about myself and about life, i feel i'm actually ready for the next year of school. So, i'm in my room packing boxes and thinking about the year. I've been writing a lot. I went through a really dry period. I never really had any inspiration and i wasn't really going anywhere. All the sudden, second semester, 3am, i wake up to write a song. I've been *writing ever since. Just finished my 10th on the guitar. Wrote 3 piano songs last week. I'm just putting my lessons and enviornments in my songs, and it's hitting me pretty hard i guess. I have a pretty big gig booked this saturday, Lord willing. I will be opening for Least of These in Thousand Oaks to a good sized church. I think it's like an outreach night. I'm going to play my new guitar material and see what the public thinks. Then I pack up for a wind ensemble tour to San Francisco till Wed, another concert Thursday night at CSUN, then one Scotland Team Fund-Raising concert on Friday, and a couple following maybe. Come home sometime.. ha. Then leave for Cali middle of July to practice for Scotland leaving end of July. Craziness. God has surely been good, despite the stupid mistakes i make. Ha. He has truly guided my heart and hands through this last year, and i am eternally grateful to Him for all the things He has given and taken away. I hope there is more to say later, and i hope this catches anyone up that was wondering if i had passed away or moved to Nashville to join some touring band. Ha. i wish. I'm content right now where the Lord has me. What a great God we serve. Anyways, be praying that I stay focused and disciplined and give all the glory to Whom it deserves.

Much love,


* a website will be up soon with my music and some dates around cali. I will be meeting with John Martin in the next few years to produce and album and see what the next step is with my music. Please keep me in your prayers. :)