Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tony Lucca

Hey Alls,
How has everyone been? Good.. Good. Wow, you have to be hip on those "o's" cause it could come out as God, God. Ha. In the words of the patriant saint of quality foot-wear, David Saint Hubbins, "That's not real is it? They can't print that?!" So.. beyond all that tom-foolery, I must admit I am doing well. I came up with a phrase that I feel obliged to share with you. You will begin to hear every person use it, and I just want to share what it is, (so you know the history). For decades, the word "rad" has been used as a verb. Nope, not now. Not ever again. The children shall begin to use it, dare I say, as a noun!!!!!! BADADA!!! "Put the logo here, and FADE TO BLACK!" (Mark Lowry, Under the Big Top) ((look at me, all sighting my work)). So, let me give you a sentence. "That movie was rad." (their translation) "That movie was the rad." (my translation) You see the beauty of it all. Ok, now that that's out of the way. That's not really apart of my post at all.

My post is actually about a man named Tony Lucca. He is an artist that has been around for awhile and I just started getting hip to his music, by a man named http://www.johnandlis.com/ John did the sound on a new dvd that came out from Tony, it's killer. So John, Lisa, and I went to a dvd release party in a small club called "the mint." Let me tell you, the show was great! I love his music and he is also a great lyricist. I wanted to share a song with you calld "Around the Bend." These lyrics are amazingly written to show the pain of a travelling artist who has to do show after show, and i just wanted to share his thoughts about the road. Thanks for reading! I hope these lyrics really show the vanity of and empty artist.

Around the Bend
Tony Lucca

She said how did you become so hard to handle?
Holding on to something you can’t see.
You spray paint your love songs like a vandal.
I said, that’s how I let my lovers get the best of me.

See it’s one more night,
Another drink to drown this stage-fright.
I’ll play one more song and I’ll feel so much better.
And I’ll say thanks for coming, yeah, it’s best that I get running.
If she wants to come along, I might just let her.

You see there’s always another dream around the bend.
If I can’t play for keeps, I’ll have to play pretend.
Carry on for that next dream just around the bend,
listening for the next song I can call my friend.
As this old car careens,
I’m heading for those sweet dreams around the bend

She said it’s time you started thinking ‘bout forever,
Make an honest woman of that girl.
I said it ain’t like she said boy it’s now or never,
Who am I to bring a child into this world?
To watch me play another show,
with twenty-five more towns to go,
while the encore keeps him up on past his bedtime.
As my lady goes crazy just to keep from getting lazy
While she does her best to hold onto this heart of mine...

You see there’s always another dream around the bend.
If I can’t play for keeps, I guess I’ll play pretend.
And carry on till that next dream comes around the bend,
listening for the love song that might bring me to the end
As this old car careens,
I’m heading for those sweet dreams around the bend

Yeah, to the bitter end, yeah.

You see it’s one more night
Another shot might make things all right.
I’ll play one more song and I’ll be feeling fine.
And I’ll head for the back door,
knowing I could have given so much more,
As someone whispers hey, you’ll get em next time.
There’s always next time.

Cause there’s always another dream around the bend.
I never play for keeps, I only play pretend
Carry on for that next dream just around the bend,
listening for a love song that might bring me to my end

Yeah there’s always another dream around the bend
If I can’t play for keeps, I guess I’ll play pretend.
As this old car careens,
I’m heading for those sweet dreams
On up around the bend

On up around the bend...



Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The MuTeMaTh Show

Hey friends and fellow believers. I have to tell you guys, it is good to be back! i felt like saying that cause I haven't been blogging. So, if you don't like it, it doesn't really matter cause I feel encouraged. So, I wanted to tell you guys about the MuteMath show I went to! Let me say.. crazy. Let me give you some backround about the show. There were 4 bands. 1 of them was worth watching.. MuteMath They rocked the house!! So check this out, see the picture above? This is Paul Meany rocking out on the keytar. I found this picture on their myspace. (Yes, just because i disagree doesn't mean i don't look at what you moron's type. :) That was a joke) And I found this picture. This picture was taken at the same show I was at. (hence the date/ I didn't take the picture either) I was like, "Wow! That rocks, I can't belie....what the? That's me?!" Look to the far right. That hat. It's mine. Oh yeah... your very own David Zimmer. Kind of weird huh? So, anyways. I'll tell you why Mutemath was better than the rest. First band, wow.. Discovering America. If the name doesn't draw you to your knees to vomit, wait till you hear their music. You'll wish you were deaf. Sweet Heaven it was terrible. So let us move on to the band right after Mutemath. Circa Survive They were insainly terrible. On top of that, they were totally gross! They dressed up as women for their halloween costumes. It was bad. okay. So, the main attraction was a band called Mae. I must be honest with you guys, I hate emo music. It's lame! I think the lyrics are lame, the singing sounds like cat's drowning in a sea of retarded depression. I think these people need to get a hold of themselves. I got so bored with Mae that I went to a security guard and asked him to a. beat me with a cain, b. tell me i'm depressed, c. find the lead singer of MuteMath or d. gag me with a fork. Yep, you guessed it! So, he went back, found Paul and we started talking. It was rad, we found a couch and just talked for like 10 minutes. He told me about the road and life. I told him i would pray for him, we hugged, it was beautiful. All that to say, MuteMath rocks, they are so awesome, I can't wait for their album, and emo music is lame. They say emo stands for "emotional" I say it stands for "e-must be smokin crack to like this music."

peace and love,

John Dizzle with the old skhool *hizzle..

*2. "HIZZLE"
House, Home, Where you live, Domicile
"What be the shizzle at the hizzle, my nizzle?"

Translation: "What's happening at your house, my friend?"