Sunday, October 23, 2005

so what's in your ipod?

Hey guys,
It's been awhile since I have given you what I have been listening to. I am really going through this stage of honest, acoustic, folk. I am really digging and I thought i should share some of it with you. Most of these you have heard, but this is just what's running through my ipod.

*Teitur-Poetry and Aeroplanes
*Death Cab For Cutie-Plans
*Damien Rice-O
Brandon Heath-Don't Get Comfortable EP
Nickel Creek-Why Should The Fire Die?
Jamie Cullum-Catching Tales
*David Crowder Band-Collision
Bethany Dillon-Imagination
Derek Webb-I See Things Upside Down
*Alecia Keys-Live
Ben Folds Five-Songs For Silverman

And so much more..

Peace and love

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Skid Row

Hey all,

I must admit. I have a deep appreciation for the steady blogger's. I think that is tight. I just wanted to share something that happened to me really quick. I guess this is for the few that read it, but i hope that you can be encouraged. So a good friend of mine comes down the hall to my room and askes me what I am doing tonight. I reply, "I have no idea, what about you." He responds, "Well, I'm going to Skid Row." I know what your thinking, and i was thinking the same thing! "The metal band?" Come to find out, it was much more than that. Skid Row is California's biggest and most profoundly known slum. It is basically a ghetto. It is where all the drug dealers, prostitution, and homeless people reside. So, we got a group together with some that have never gone, and others that go every friday. What happens is, we go to Del Taco and buy taco's for the homeless and eventually share the gospel. We finally got to Skid Row and I must say, i have never done anything like that in my life. It completely opened my eyes to the world and the reality of the lost, hopeless, and dying. I have never seen drug deals in front of my eyes! I have never seen prostitution deals right across the street from me! It was so eye opening and i really felt a love for these people. I'm not calling myself a saint, cause there are guys that do it every week, I just felt a desire to help these people. It is interesting because it is very dangerous. I got pushed, and beer thrown at me, and yelled at, sworn at. All i could think the whole time was, "It's interesting that Jesus did not spend time with people like us.. but with these people. The prostitues, the lame, the blind, and the homeless." It was an amazing opportunity and I hope that we all share a desire to spread the Word of God, wherever we are.

peace and love


Friday, October 07, 2005

I shall blog soon