Thursday, September 22, 2005

the myspace craze

Hey friends,
I don't know all the people that read this blog. I wanted to get something off my chest, so if this doesn't apply to the reader, than just disregard this tangent. I find myself struggling with the idea of myspace. Yes, it is a great place to meet people, and get things off of your chest, but is it the wisest way to go? Here is my beef, well, i have more than one problem. I'll just go through them, and again if this doesn't apply, or itch your thinking, look at Kevin's comment on the post below, it's rad.

1. It seems to me that people don't really think about what they are typing on a myspace. They seem to lay out their whole entire life on the internet, where it is accesible to everyone! Have we thought through this people?
2. I don't like the idea of adding a friend or adding yourself. This might just be my thinking, but I don't really want to associate myself with people that put crap on their myspace. They could be the most lovely, innocent, "Christian" person on the planet, but they could post a blatently dirty pic. Now if the excuse is, "well i can block those out, why are they with you in the first place..?" It seems to me like there is this vicious cycle of sin that could occur. Track with me here. I have a myspace profile, then someone from my elementary school finds me and adds me. Now this is totally cool to me so I accept. Now my profile is clean, and so is their's, so i don't have a problem. But then they have a friend that likes to swear. So someone finds me, tracks me to this person, and then to someone else, all along thinking that these are the people i surround myself with! I don't want anyone to be confused about who i hang with! My friends could be the sweetest people in the world, but could have the dirtiest pictures. You never know what pictures your friends could add on their myspace! You know, I have never seen a myspace that either has an inappropriate picture, comment, or link to someone else's inappropriate myspace. Also, If you think that people only visit yours, than make sure your keyboard is connected to a screen, not a mirror. I just thought i would lay down my thoughts. I also haven't had a serious post in a long time so I thought this was necessary.

One last statement to challenge your thinking,

Phil. 2:15 states, "that you may prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world."

Thanks guys,

Monday, September 19, 2005

The incomparable Washington

to my friends in far yonder Washington,

I cannot tell you how much i miss it up there. I was so exited to come back and celebrate Uncle John's 20 years of service. It was so exiting. I am glad that he was finally noticced. What a wonderful evening. I just wanted to boast...i about little Marysville, Washington. See, you guys hear a lot of talking from people that leave. They actually mock Marysville. It's little, but it packs a massive punch. I have been so changed by the ministry up there that i will never forget about it. You have no idea how much i love it up there! I love the friends, (and really hated to leave you guys) I loved the church, and i love the WEATHER! The weather is so wonderful because it's cold. Now, don't get me wrong, i love what the Lord is doing down here. He is so gracious to put me in the Master's College and i love the church. I am praying that the Lord uses me for His glory down here, so I don't want you to get the wrong message. I am very content.
I just wanted to remind you guys how awesome you have it up there. Just a couple of things. 1. Hold on to the chuch. It is amazing! The teaching and the teachers you guys have are amazing. I would cut off my right arm to be under my dad's and especially Sean's teaching again (and im a drummer!) I have been blessed to be there. 2. The school. As lame as those mockers say it is, you guys are so fotunate. I wish i could have the friends i have up there...down here. 3. The accountability. The number one thing i lack down here is good accountability. Never, ever, take that for granted. You are so fotunate. I hope this is a good reminder to love where God has placed you and be ready to let Him use you, in the small pond, or the ocean. :)

Love you guys and miss you much,

david zimmer

Sunday, September 11, 2005

long post

hey all,
My bad for not posting forever. It's not like i have been busy at college or anything. Things are really going well down here for me. I feel blessed to be in this area and to be apart of the Master's College. No doubt the Master has His hand at work in this school. So many things, so little time you know? Nothing really big has happened down here... yet i hope. :) I am kind of living it a day at a time. Nothing really new about any bands. Lord willing, I get to start playing at Cal State Northridge next semester. That is cool. I will hopefully be playing at Crossroads (the college ministry at Grace Community) regularly and i hope i can serve there so. I love the school and the atmosphere. Keep praying that I stay focused on Christ and not the 10,000 distractions down here. Thanks and I will keep you guys posted.

peace and love,