Tuesday, August 16, 2005

my status bar of satisfaction

hey guys,
Currently, I am sitting in a Best Western in Oregon. We have one more day until we enter California. I am shocked that school is starting soon. i have been sitting here thinking about all of you back home. I know it sounds lame as I just left but I can't stop thinking about my greatest friends. I wanted to post something that has taken up my thinking recently. After discussions with friends and personal reflection I have been thinking about a sort of status bar of satisfaction. I picture my life as a large bar. The bar is endless and stretches forever. In my life, i add things on this bar. It seems that God is at the highest point of the bar, but is still in view. It seems as I add more things to the bar, it tends to clutter at the bottom, space out, and make itself closer to where I have put God. My point is, the more things I add, the more i get them closer to Christ. It seems to me that this is incredibly selfish and man-centered. As I add more to the bar, God's spot should go up higher. The more I pack on, the higher He needs to be. We tend to think that our life is a puzzle and all the pieces fit together. Love, money, honor, God/faith, and so on, but I want to challenge your thinking to not view it as a puzzle but as a bar. When you put puzzle pieces together they are supposed to be even and fit. God shouldn't fit in the puzzle! Our wordly posessions shouldn't fit to Him either. I believe that God needs to be at the highest point of the bar where nothing can compare to Him! We climb past the distraction and objects so that we can obtain what He is. We can never reach Him but at least our hand is stretched as close as possible. Maybe if that image doesn't work, why even add to the bar when nothing can reach Him. I am finding that I cannot add to God. I will never have the perfect picture.. God and the wife. God and the band. God and the drumset. God and the computer. It needs to be GOD. God needs nothing else, demands nothing else, and is satisfied with Himself. This has challenged my thinking and I hope yours. Take a second to ask yourself, how high is God is my life. Maybe a better question would be, has he been so close to the bottom of the bar that He tends to bleed into my earthly posessions?


Friday, August 12, 2005

the true meaning of "ninja warrior"

i believe the statement actually did come from my father. he believes that there is a force, or power that lies in the "mac family." Would that make him the ultimate "ninja warrior" since he made up the statement? No... probably not. I believe he would agree with me when I said that Sean Higgins is the ultimate "Ninja Mac Warrior." He is the william wallice of Macs, the yoda of Powerbooks, and like a Calvin of Reformation, he continually raises the nerdy bar that seperates the ninja warrior from the "aristocrat of Apples" Geeky? No... I would call it savvy

Thursday, August 11, 2005

the newest ninja warrior

Hello friends,
I just want to inform all of you that there is a new mac ninja... David Zimmer. Yep, you heard it right. I have joined the force. I have been blessed with a 15 inch Mac G4 Powerbook. It is amazing! It is way over my head but I am slowly learning. There are three things that can bring any two people together. God, music, and mac's. (love is important, but i think it is included in all three).

Also, about the cd. I don't think i am going to sell them. If you want to buy one, that is always cool, but I just really want to get my music out to everyone. So, there is one price though, I need cd's. If you really want one, bring me a burnable cd and I can hook you up. Thank you for listening!!

peace and love,

Ninja warrior

Monday, August 08, 2005


Hey Friends,
FINALLY!! My new album David Zimmer, Live at the Coffee Shop is out! If you are interested to pick up your own copy I am selling them for $10. If it is tough for you to put the money together maybe we can talk. I just want to get my music out to you guys. It has 9 tracks. Some off of the Demo Arrive and extra songs. Give me a call if you want one and hurry cause i take off Aug. 14th... this Sun! Thanks and keep on listening!

*picture created by jesse martin

Friday, August 05, 2005

my deepest thanks

Hello all,
seeing as i have about a week left in washington before i head off to college, i have been doing a lot of reflection. i think people, more often than not, get too distracted about life and business to really stop and look what they have in front of them. my biggest fear was that i would become to busy as a musician, or just a human being to not stop and realize the men and women that have influenced every single area of my life. i thought that if some of these people could see my thanks posted here, they could see my heart, and i would love to show everyone how many people have made me the man that i am today.

the youth ministy has been crucial in my life for the past 4 years. i know i have never posted it on my site but www.one28ministries.org is a ministry of amazing people who love God. the 5 seniors have helped hold me accountable. Tony, your love for God and love for people make me love God more, we have memories that i will never have with anyone else. Josh, your joy in Christ, has given me joy in life. Jesse, your strength in times of trials helps me perservere and help me remember that "when i am weak then i am strong." James, your hard work and your gentle heart have helped me push through tough times but help me realize that i can find my strength in Jesus Christ. you have held me accountable and have helped me realize how horrible my sin is. we have had many, many good times. Dave, I know were not one of the 5 seniors but you have had a massive impact in my life. your attitude of service and your kind heart has spoken volumes to me. your love for Jesus Christ is evident to all and you are one of the sweetest guys i have ever met. thank you for your love and for everything that you have done for me. i am humbled by the fact that you are my best friend. to all of you, i love you guys and will always have a large gap in my heart for all of you.

J-Sarr. you have led me in times of sorrow and rejoicing, sin and righteousness, anger and of joy. I cannot tell you how you have impacted my thinking and my life for eternity. your love for God and push towards righteousness makes me realize how much longer i have to go but also how far i have come with your help. thank you for your confrontation, for your steak! thank your for your integrity, and for all those brotherly hugs. I am humbled at the fact that you can love me. thank you

sk higgins. thank you for your faithfulness of preaching the Word straight and correct. You have had a profound impact in my life. I cannot tell you how much i cherish our friendship. thank you for always leaving your door open for me to tell you anything. i am encouraged to see your pursuit of righteousness and your amazing strength against the pressures of "modern religious thinking" in our world today. i love you so much and will miss you so much. thank you

thank you to the church, to my father to preach the word day in and day out faithfully. he is a God-fearing man and the most amazing father i have ever, ever, known. i love him with my whole heart and him amazed by his desire for righteousness. thank you for your wisdom and strength papa san. :)

thank you to all at the church and obviously the people that were left out. I apologize. i do love you all and will miss you terribly.

john david zimmer
philippians 4:13