Saturday, July 23, 2005

My theory on "ART"

Hello friends,
It has been awhile since i gave my blog a thought. I don't really blog much anymore. I guess I have just become uninspired... until now. I have a theory on art. Why people see random scribbles as art and why people think they are sophisticated for appreciating crap.

the theory of modern art.

There are many reasons for people buying modern art in the world today. Our society is filled with "risk takers." Media loves people that will take risks with different things; their life, or health, or relationships, heck just reputation, we love risk takers. Why do you think MTV gathers together 7 edgy people, put them in a house, let them do anything they want, because man loves risky entertainment!!! In the same sense that we like risk takers, i believe this transformes itself into art. "Artists" that take risks will sell their pointless art for a lot of money and since we are a soceity that appreciates the "art" of risktaking, we want to take a risk too, so we buy the stupid thing! When a man says, "Its a sunset, and that's a little bird" and to you it really looks like the tomato soup and crackers you had last night except in digested form. Why buy it? Especially when he is asking for your wallet and your right arm!

the second reason people like to buy modern art is because they like it when people go against the system. Now I know that this fits in nicely with the risk taker but bare with me. Our past has recognized those that have gone against the system and we praise them! Look at the band rage against the machine! There whole goal was to fight the system or "machine." I've also wondered what would happen if the guitar player says, "Hey todd, could you move this purple light, I'm starting to see red stars?" What is holding todd, the ingeneous light man from saying, "NO! Rage Against the Machine! Guess what?! I'm the light man, and that makes you the machine! Move your own stupid light!" Just a question... I don't want to loose you though. Modern art is here because we wanted to re-invent talented "old" art. The same principle that our society struggles with today. Why try to modernize the old church when the old church was fine and biblical?!! We do not think we will please as many people, or that the old church does not fit the style of the youth. Back to the point. Why modernize old good art? I'm not saying that all modern art is bad but where did all the mona lisa's go? Now we flip her upside down, shake her a bit, and let Edward the Elephant paint random yellow lines on the canvas to make it look like we shook her a little too hard.

All I am trying to get at is why waiste good money on pointless paintings? Think about it, ponder it, and ask yourself, "am I really trying to find a "happy tree" in all this mess?

your brother