Wednesday, June 08, 2005

my good music post

hey all,
some new/old albums that i have been listening to recently. they are really good (i got these with some help too)

amos lee
bethany dillon
coldplay= x&y
bob dylan=slow train coming (thanks higgins)
nicole nordemon=brave and this mystery
collective soul=seven year itch (best of)
deloreon=violence in snowy fields
brandon heath=soldier
blue merle
ben folds=songs for silverman

anyways... these are good. i like them at least!


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oh no... no! IT CANT BE!!! ...More BAND NAMES!!!!

Hello friends. I must admit, my brain has been storming and I am about to reveal to you all, brand new band names. I have come up with these on my own...i have not stolen any of these and I am willing to share them. Keep in mind, if one of these band names is used, credit must and shall go to whom credit is due. Peace, love, and longsuffering.

no one knows our name
flamingo heresy
pace-maker rebellion
through our eyes
carpenters we are.....okay
ouiji tuning
tap the rat matt
another step to left
board room access
89th key
video tape injection
spiritual stick bug
terracotta heat
pre-marrital peace
another one bites the lust
closed circus calamity
8 stars and a bagpipe
10:29 and 17...18...19 seconds
matching shoes; brown belt
II Timothy sacraments
sound board rejection
vans are shoes not cars
machines against the rage
shadow of a doubting thomas
slideshow contribution
22 choir chairs
blanketed refusal
exit to your right
bullet train to hell (symphonic music)
steamboat of salvation
fickle, fiddle, find a pickle
my chemical rowing pants
strawberry cellulite
portable baptism