Thursday, May 19, 2005

poetry and such

Hey all. This is a poem I just wrote today that I thought I would share with you, I will continue to post more as the busyness subsides. Peace be with you all.

I saw a tree out in the field
The tree where papa’s buried
I go to see the flowers yield
And recall all the memories
Of running through the grassy plain
With papa’s hand in mine
We would play through sun and rain
The weather’s always fine.

And when I’m lost I call to dad
He finds me by the creek
I knew that I should not be sad
When we play hide and seek
I listen to his every word
I listen to his heartbeat
Steady as his character
As strong as he could be

This tree reminds me of his life
Faithful, sturdy, true
A man who persevered through strife
with joyful attitude
And though his body’s cold beneath
His soul is flying high
I pray we meet beyond this tree
Till then, I’m standing by.

--David Zimmer
march, eighteenth, 2005

Monday, May 02, 2005

6 Key Elements To a Hit Song

Hey all,
I am going to tell you all.. For FREE.... the 6 key elements to a hit song. Now.. this may seem like a random post but I think you will realize the hit songs you like and the ones that stay in your head and you sing them all day long will either have one of these elements or all. Okay, hold on to your headphones....

1. Hook. These are the song that are so catchy they get stuck in your head and you can't stop singing it. These are also called "sick choruses." (not like..stomach sick... like.. nevermind)
2. Moving Bass line. Like I said, there can be hits that have no bass, so this is interchangable, but... hits have busy, busy bass lines. Just listen carefully, you will trust me in time.
3. Harmony. These are the songs that are easy to harmonize with.
4. Lyrical content. These are the songs that have deep, smart, or "story-telling" lyrics. Now, there can be hits out there with stupid lyrics, but if the music is good... beauty. Lyrics are supposed to paint a picture and Christian lyrics (to a certain degree) are supposed to teach. So good lyrics are key.
5. Passionate Singers. This one is interesting. They don't necessarily have to have a good voice. If they have passion and it is from the heart.. they are worth listening to, trust me on this. Some examples of no voice yet passion... Raine Maiden (OLP) he has no voice but is a stylizer, Tom York (Radiohead) He has no voice but serious passion.. and Ben Folds, guys... he can't sing... but he's starts with a p.. and ends with ...assion.

and number 6...

Good drumming. These songs have the drums tapped right up front. The songs that don't have drums, even a shaker that is locked in to the pocket can groove. You can hear the hits have good drummers.

Hey, keep listening, and if you hear it in your own favorite songs.. post your musical testimony.. I'd like to hear it.
Much love my friends.

Dave Z