Saturday, April 23, 2005


Hey all,
Thank you all for posting comments! You guys are amazing. I was going to take this post to tell you a little about China. The flight was about 2 hours to Sanfrancisco. Then 14 to Beiijing. It was an amazingly long flight. China is beautiful. I went with the Bellevue Community College Jazz Band and we played shows all around China. We played at different universities. Our smallest crowd was 500 and the biggest was 4,000! It was very fun and they love jazz there. I can't believe that the Lord would bring me to China with my drumming! I got to witness to many people there and even our tour guide. She was a strong Buddist but we got to still witness to her cause she was open to Christianity. The people are beautiful and the county is rich with history. I love the food too! I think everyone should spend some time in China because it will open up your eyes to many different things. The Great Wall was crazy! Tieneman square and the forbidden city was awesome. Mings Tomb and the Terracata (i know i spelled that wrong) were amazing. Well, I just wanted to share my time there with you all and will continue to post in the future.

Much love

Monday, April 11, 2005

The beauty of absence

Hello all my friends. they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and i must be extremely fonded in your hearts. I can't believe that anybody still checks this blog! I just wanted to write something in here cause I haven't forever. I have been pretty busy as you can imagine. I am drumming so much and trying to find time for everything else. I guess this post is just to push myself back into my own blog so hopefully I will be able to blog more! I will catch up later when I have more time. Peace, love, and longsuffering to all