Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hello everybody

Holy mother of cow! I am so sorry that I have not been posting in like FOREVER? I am very sorry. That's not even cool. That's like raising a pet hamster, and then NEVER feeding it. Like killing it. I almost put this thing to death. I apologize. You should check out my friends blogs cause they are much more exiting. (
So how is everyone feeling? You guys smell terrific. You always smell good. Um.. Okay, what is going on in my life... well thanksgiving. Just kidding, that is way back there. I think I have been really busy writing songs. Like a lot of them... like up to 11. I don't know why or how it happens, but I just get in writing mode.

Okay, sweet music going on in my regions of the "underground"

Mark Broussard! Hello? This guy is the next... I don't know! Steven Wonder, except... not blind. He is crazy good.
Frou Frou! New face in easy listening. Barely techno, but barely pop. Kind of techpop. They are good. (sooz)
Snow Patrol. I just keep hearing these guys are good. I really don't have much of an idea. (sooz)
Jaime Cullum. Killer, if you like jazz.
Derek webb's new album. I see things upside down. I really enjoy it. Christmas gift anyone? (tone)
Math Music. Any fans of Earthsuit in the building? No.. Okay... This is good. I am hoping to get it soon. (brian)
Blue Merle. These guys are very good. A mix between coldplay and nickel creek. They will be big time.
That's about it for now. Maybe if I make a cd, I could add it to the list. Or... Maybe not.. :)

Peace, love, and ultimately God's Glory.
D. Zimmer