Thursday, October 07, 2004

The temporary tempter

Hey guys,
We had to write these Anglo-Saxon poems in my English class. I wrote this about Satan and I am going to send it into a poetry contest. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Also check out, Micah, you have great poems! I hope you enjoy it.

Deep in the garden the devil lies waiting,
Sitting in silence the serpent now lurking,
For teeth that would bite into fruit of due freedom,
A heartbeat to handle the sin and the pride.
High above Heaven, the Father now sitting,
Quietly thinking about things to come,
Strolling by streams in the Garden of Eden,
The demons are dwelling on what’s to become.
Eve is now eating the essence of knowledge,
While Adam is asking for her to comply,
To standards so simple no apple is needed,
The evil of Eve in the glow of her eye.
Adam has tasted the texture of sweetness,
Yet something so different has entered him now,
The venom of sin is now spread through all limbs,
The emptiness eating away at his soul.
The Master of mercy, Creator of kindness,
Quietly calls to the character of man,
Silent and shameful sit Adam and even,
Eve has now realized her sin and she ran.

Sadly the serpent has set forth our nature,
Slithering slowly through victory peels,
Far in the distance the Father is coming,
Satan, now smiling in bowels of Sheol.