Monday, August 16, 2004

Grace is good!

Hello all, long time no read! I have been gone forstinkingever. I went to a ton of jazz camps, I have learned a lot also. I must be short because my time is short but I have a new cd for you all to listen to. Jeff Buckley=Grace. This is a killer album and it is pretty old so if you go to a cd store it's probably not that expensive. It is cool because he messes with chord structures and different wierd tones. It's almost like Radiohead, with a beautiful voice behind it. You might know the song from the Shrek 1 movie, "Hallelujah," well Jeff Buckley covers that song and it is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard so I advise you all to get it. Also check out Tony Russel (I think that is how you spell it.) He is a gospel singer and he is AWESOME!! Tell me if you find anything on him cause I only have one song, which I wish I could somehow put on over the internet but I dont know how. Talk to you later world and listen to many, much, music.