Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Abba is golden

I will explain what I mean by this title for all of you wondering. First of all, I just got back from Michigan and I must say I have some pretty awesome relatives. You all probably don't care but they are cool. Besides that, I haven't been here for awhile (Hence the "family reuniting"). I haven't been doing much listening cause the tarded ipod isn't working. I think it is too good that sometimes I just have to give it a "breather" but this stupid thing isn't working right now. They are really nice and I advise you all to get one, just get one that works. Besides that, my post:

Abba is one of the coolest bands ever in the universe! They have awesome hooks and great music. The coolest part about them is that they barely know the English language, enough to write these lyrics though. It is fun to listen to them pronounce these words. GO GET THE CD ABBA GOLD YOU WILL I REPEAT YOU WILL LOVE IT.

More to come in the near...... future.....


Monday, June 14, 2004

Interesting Band Names

Hey people.

These are some wicked band names that I have come up with and I wanted to share them with you. For anyone else who finds this web-site and get big with one of these names, there better be some serious proppin goin on.... or money sent to my house.... or an ipod. Enjoy.

Liquid fire
Smokers rebellion
krooked spihne
spiritual hearing aid
catch the rope
likwid ihse
heavenly isthmus
crooked straight
ace of spaids
spiritual dimple
devils achne
"there's a band on the stage, Jimmy."
Christmas politics
method of farming
fihle cabynet
the koya miyata experience
enhanced sound quality
broom strap
everyday rainbow
punching demons
green means go
salvation satalite
odewa totemo okina boatada (japanese for, "that is a very large boat"
city on a hill
heavenly heat blanket
more than conquerers
lungs filled with smoke
killing cupid
erector bears
captain land
best enemy
reluctant heroes
silver tips
soul armor
acrobats united
taking a left
6 fingered friends
chasing children
just your average number
parked illegally
scratching william (i think this is my friends..props)
eating benadrill
carving souls
almost backwards
eating time
kamakazi pilots
cut the knife

There you go.. There are a lot of tight band names. More to come!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

New Cd of the Week

Ok all. First of all I want to tell you about the amazing experience I had on Saturday night. Our band got to Shnitzer Hall in Portland and the place was HUGE!! There was about 2,700 there! Our band was sitting at the very top of the place and the bands on the stage looked like ants. It was very neat. Finally getting on stage and peering into the sea of a thousand faces was pretty cool. I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if I will do more of this in the future." It was awesome. We picked up second place to an Arts and Tech school but we won a soloist award and People's Choice Award which was neat. There was a roar when we were done. It was extremely fun and I wish you could of been there to see it. After we played I was told I was going to have my interview privately but I walked out onto the stage with a lady and had my interview in front of the whole 2,000! It was pretty crazy. I had to like think and then re-think what I wanted to say to not sound like a moron but it was wicked. Good times.

Hey, cd pick of the week would probably have to be the new Alanis Morressete: So Called Chaos. It is so wicked! The songs are very catchy and it has great hooks. She has one song about trying to forgive an old boyfriend after years of hating him. It is a very powerful song about trying to finally let go of "this grudge." I recommend you guys get it. It is a good alblum. It was also interesting looking to see who the drummer was because I had a private lesson with him and I know him pretty well so that was neat. Also, I think I might go down to song of the day and albulm of the week or maybe with my no time schedule, song of the week. It will be neat to just give you guys a good, clean song that I really dig at the time so here is the first one.

"This Grudge" Alanis Moreressete: So Called Chaos.

Keep on listening to music all and stay tuned~

Monday, June 07, 2004

New Music pic of the week

Hey guys.
I have been away from the computer for awhile. The music pic of the week would have to be Radiohead: Ok Computer. It's a great albulm and I have been listening to it a lot this week. It is a lot different from normal music, it can't really be described. It's not so much techno, not really rock, definately not jazz, it's like many colors of paint mixed together to make a beautiful picture. Well, more listening!

John David

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

New Pic of The week

Hey all..
Sorry about my not posting in for-like-ever. I have been really busy, you know how it is. My music pic of the week would probably have to be Tower of Power, The Oakland Zone. I dig it. It is so tight and there are actually pretty catchy hooks on it. I just saw them live and it was insane. They are so awesome. This cd is really good and if you love funk you will love this. More to come on the way.